Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Sakunda fuel card?

The Sakunda fuel card is a smart card which allows customers to enjoy convenient, secure and manageable fuel services.

How do I apply for a fuel card?

It’s easy!!!!! Visit Sakunda Customer Service Centre complete Application Form and you ready to receive your card.

What type of products can I purchase using the fuel card?

All fuel products (Blend and Diesel)

What are the benefits of using the fuel card?

It’s convenient, secure and manageable.

  • Convenient
    1. Fuel can be loaded 24 hours a day using V payments and Visa
    2. Fuel can be purchased from anywhere in the world
    3. Card works online and offline
  • Secure
    1. Chip allows fuel records to be stored on fuel card
    2. Chip allows fuel card to work online and offline
    3. Chip stores security pin and ensures that your fuel is secure
  • Manageable
    1. Ideal for fleet management using one master account for centralized management
    2. Fuel can be loaded 24 hours a day
    3. Audit reports and tracking of fuel usage history

How can a fuel card help my business?

A fuel card offers easy and safe cashless transactions which even if one loses point of sale receipt the card details are still available online. This means all account and card transactions are tracked online and reports can be generated to monitor usage and fuelling patterns. Moreover, a business can top up individual cards online 24 hours a day from the master accounts or the business can simply pay for fuel online and credit the fuel card.

What do I do if my card gets lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen, please log onto your online account, where you can block your card and report it as lost or stolen. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the Sakunda Customer Service Centre by phone 0772192618 or email –

*Cards will be blocked immediately upon instruction, however please follow up in writing within 48 hours.

How do I replace my card if it is lost, stolen or broken?

Once you have reported stolen or lost card, visit the Sakunda Customer Service Centre to get a replacement, where your details and fuel balance will be uploaded on the new card.

What happens when there is a price change?

The fuel in the card won’t be affected by price changes as it is denoted in litres.

How do I make changes to my account e.g. add extra cards, stop certain cards or even change a vehicle registration?

Visit the website and then logon into your account. You will be able to make these changes.

How do I top up my fuel?

Visit the Sakunda Customer Service Centre and make payment into your account. You are also able to make bank transfers or deposit and send details to the Customer Service Centre so that your account is credited. However, you can top-up online using VISA, V-Payments directly to your account.

I want to view my transactions/drivers transactions can I do it?

Yes!!! Logon your account, once you are in your account; click on the transactions icon to view all your transactions.

Can the card be linked to a certain driver or vehicle registration?

You can link the fuel card to a vehicle through the registration number only, the driver details will be printed on the card.

Do I need to have a separate card for the different products?

No, one card can be used for all fuel products.

How do I check balance on my Fuel Card?

When you visit the service station, you or the attendant can check your balance on the POS machine. The preferred method will be to check online or refer to email alerts you receive.

How do I manage my Fuel card?

You can manage your fuel card by logging onto your online account and view your transactions data at any time.

Can I top-up my fuel at a service station?

NO!! All fuel purchases are either done online through v-payments and visa, or through bank transfer, cash deposit or by visiting the Customer Service Centre.

What should I do if I forget my Pin number?

Logon to your account online and click “forgot password” and follow instructions. Alternatively, visit the Customer Service Centre for assistance.


What is Sakunda Loyalty Card?

Is a card designed to collect fuel points for fuel purchased at Sakunda Service Stations.

How do I join the Sakunda Loyalty programe?

Simply purchase fuel at any Sakunda Service Station using the Sakunda Fuel card then you receive your Loyalty Card immediately and activate by logging on to Once you activate your Loyalty Card you automatically receive 50 FREE fuel points, then you can now collect fuel points every time you purchase fuel at Sakunda using fuel card.

What are the benefits of the Loyalty Card?

You are able to accumulate fuel points every time you purchase fuel from any Sakunda service station using your Sakunda fuel card. These accumulated points offer you an opportunity to be rewarded for your loyalty through periodic draws. Even if one does not win these spot prizes a customer who has accumulated certain points will be rewarded. More importantly, this program allows Sakunda to know who their loyal customers are and these will be entitled to preferential treatment at certain esteemed customer events.

How do I earn Loyalty points?

Every time you purchase fuel at Sakunda you earn 5 points per litre and these points are updated onto your loyalty account.

How do I redeem my Loyalty points?

Once you have reached the required points you will be contacted through e-mail to come to the Head Office were your points will be spent for the prize that will be on offer.

How long are the Sakunda Loyalty Club points valid for on my account?

One year.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

  1. Browse to the main page of the website while logged in
  2. Click on forgot password Link found at the top right hand side of the page underneath the Password edit box
  3. Enter your e mail address used to log in with, and press the Reset Password button
  4. Wait for the password Reset email then click on the reset password link
  5. The link will automatically open a page, enter the new password and finally click Set New Password

My points balance does not seem to be up to date

It probably means that you are not loading your points every time you are redeeming fuel, please ensure that in future you load your points on to your loyalty card by swiping on the POS machine.

How do I replace my card if it is lost, stolen or broken?

Visit the Sakunda website and report lost card.

If I lose my card do I get my old points?

Yes points will be transferred to the new card once you have registered it under your account.